Thursday, May 15, 2014

H.R. Giger Tribute - Alien and Me

Well...what to say. His death got me hard. I am very sad and i can't express enough how much he influenced my life...I can remember, as it was yesterday, as 11-year old kid, first time seeing Alien movie, on my VHS recorder, and immediately got hooked on it's design and story. Alien was magnificent creature to me, with it's back story and life cycle, it stunted me, and that is when i knew that my call is to make creatures, and their stories. I was pausing the movie and tried to draw Alien as much as i could with tracing paper taped on TV :) It was the first creature i have drawn over my bed, big as my bed, and worked months to finish it. Alien was , and still is, my favorite creature, and Giger was my favorite artist. I can stress enough how his work, designs, and personality meant to me. I would not be the person who i am and where i am if it weren't for Giger and Alien. 

I drawn this piece in Giger's tribute, for all his work and what he left behind. I worked in past three days on this as fast as i could, and i hope you will like it. 

R.I.P. Giger, you wil not be forgotten.

Adam "Skaven Zverov" Isailovic