Friday, July 4, 2014

Irina Skarowski - Pilot Suit - Project: Antharra

I am almost near finishing my first pilot episode of the comic book i wrote, i had the urge to present some main characters. I will soon write more info on the comic and how it's publication is going. Project is named Project: Antharra and it is a galaxy in work for the past 14 years. And it is time for me to get it to you. I really hope you will like it!
Irina Skarowski, weapon and vehicle specialist, born in the year of 3289, from blue collar parents in European State of North France. She was 24 when she sign up to the short list of military personnel for the "New Hope" mission. She was in the 2nd Aeronautical Engineering Division as part of the team of people in charge of weapons development. While she strives for new world to live on, she never admits herself that she regret leaving Mother Earth, her family and friends. This voyage is biggest accomplishment of human civilization, and she believes in it. If there is a slightest chance for humans to survive, she wants to be part of it.
Project: Antharra
by Skaven Zverov